15W - LED Rechargeable 900lm Magnetic work light

Product code: WL-ET4-001

1. Cast aluminum shell with oxidation treatment on the surface, wear-resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. The lamp lanterns use whole aluminum shell and a special heat dissipation design to help the heat disperse rapidly, so to enhance the life span and the reliability of the LEDs.

3.light output effect is up to 90 lm/w and the life span of the lamps is up to 30,000 Hrs.

4. Lamp holder using IP68 full protection design, Magnet base using IP65 protection design, can reliably work in harsh environments

5. large-capacity lithium rechargeable battery, AC 240v charger and 12v DC car cigarette charger, can easily and timely be charged; With red to green charge status indicator lamp.

6. Modular functional circuit design, include Charge-discharge protection function, Guarantee the life span of battery.

7. Lamps have ½ power dimming to prolong battery life and SOS functions.

8. The base has a strong magnetic feature, can easily be adsorbed on the frame of vehicles, equipment and other iron housings.



$ 129.00 AU
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