Hi Paul,

Firstly, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Upon opening this morning to my great surprise WOOOWWWW

I can’t believe the difference it has made

The lights are nice.

It’s great to have a white Light that is nice soft and clear.

The staff are very happy and it makes the place look neat and bright.

The units you have used are elegant, and beam a bright white light that is a pleasure to work under.

Once again thank you,

Thank you

Thank you


Kind Regards

Louie Srour

Chifley Shoeworx,Locksmiths,Engraving

Worx Corp Pty Ltd

Shop 25,Lev 1 Chifley Plaza,

2 Chifley Square Sydney 2000

Ph: 612  92239670- Mob: 0411889769

Fax: 612 92316757

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