Fine invitations Milsons point Sydney

With a reduction of 40% in energy consumption and  a brand new looking working environment  that feels cleaner and  brighter delivering  a quality ambience that helps them focus better increasing productivity and reducing fatigue and improving health and well being

Here’s what Martin & Alison Cox, owners of Fine Invitaions Sydney had to say!

The dull fluorescent lighting we were using was of such bad quality that it adversely affected the appearance of our stationery; the colour of the stock looked completely different in our shop than in natural light.

In addition, we would almost always feel tired and listless by mid-afternoon. We actually didn’t realise how draining it was until the lighting was replaced with the new lighting.

We decided that improved lighting would be a very worthwhile investment for our business, but we did not even realise the additional benefits it would bring. With our new lighting, not only are our products now properly and beautifully showcased, our productivity has increased! The shop is now a very much more welcoming environment for our customers and an infinitely superior workplace for us.

The staff at Custom Lighting Solutions is knowledgeable, friendly and exceptionally helpful. They not only supply the lighting, they come out and install it for you. For our premises it only took a few hours and it completely transformed the look of the shop. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending full spectrum lighting to anyone who needs a lighter, brighter workspace.” 


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