Office Testimonial

“ We trialled ten Viva-lite full spectrum fluorescent tubes in our Sydney sales office and liked the product so much we outfitted the entire office, consisting of 35 customer service and sales staff !

Overall we purchased 200 Viva-lite Full Spectrum Natural Daylight 1.2 m fluorescent tubes, with Electronic adaptors to improve the office light brightness and provide natural daylight to enhance the health and wellbeing of our office staff, who typically spend full working days under cool white artificial light.      Once installed we noticed reduced flicker, less eye strain and improved alertness , after long days in the office, especially when staring at a computer screen all day !

Installing the Viva-lite Full spectrum tubes with the Eco-saver adaptors reduced our energy consumption by 40%, supporting our corporate sustainability and reduced carbon footprint goals.  With increasing energy costs, it really helps to reduce our energy bills. 

Paul designed a lighting configuration specifically suited to our office needs, generously providing trial lights and technical advice to support our decision to purchase.

Prior to installation, Paul initially measured our existing office light brightness, finding dull low light levels, well below Australian Standard AS 1680.   The new Viva-lite full spectrum light tubes has greatly improved our office light brightness (lux) ensuring our compliance with current AS and Work cover recommendations.

Due to Pauls exemplary help, support and technical expertise as a lighting designer for the film industry, we’re also considering purchase of new energy efficient lighting for our  Product Warehouse.    I highly recommend Custom Lighting Solutions for all office and industry lighting needs.”


Glenn Perry

OH&S Officer

George Fischer Australia



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