T8 to T5 fluorescent tube Conversions

1. Turn off the power to the existing T8 tube.

2. Remove the existing T8-36W tube from its position in the same manner as when replacing the tube.

3. Remove the starter from its socket and discard.

4. Install the Eco-Saver Indicator as you would when installing a starter.

5. Turn the power back on and the Eco-Saver Indicator should have a blue glow.

6. Turn the power off and install the Eco-Saver in the same way as when installing a T8 tube.

7. Turn the power back on and the tube will immediately illuminate.

8. Check to ensure that the tubes do not flicker, are fully illuminated and Indicator glows blue.

T5 tubes have a significantly higher lumen output per watt of energy consumed. Improved light quality due to the use of Tri-Phosphor which can be set to provide   warmer more comfortable light. T5 tubes are far more environmentally friendly not only lasting more than three times as long as T8 tubes but also having 84% less mercury to dispose of. (See disposal instructions)

Energy saving.

1 x 14w T5 tube replaces 1 x 18W T8 - 45%+ saving in electricity consumption.

1 x 22W T5 tube replaces 1 x 36W T8 - 50%+ saving in electricity consumption.

1 x 28W T5 tube replaces 1 x 36W T8 - 40%+ saving in electricity consumption.

 2 x 28W T5 tubes replace 3 x 36W T8 - 60% saving in electricity consumption.

1 x 35W T5 Replaces 1 x 58W T8 - 55%+ saving in electricity consumption.

The ECO-SAVER unit includes the Ultralite patented 60,000hrs + electronic     ballast batten with high quality reflector and a high performance T5 tube.


14W 22W & 28W 35W
Input voltage 160 to 260V 160 to 260V 160 to 260V
Input current 64mA 100mA & 128mA 160mA
Power factor .96 . 96 .96
Power Consumption 14W 22W & 28W 31W
Frequency 50/60HZ 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Operating Frequency 40 kHz 40 kHz 40 kHz
Tube Lifespan 35000hrs+ 35000hrs+ 35000hrs+
Lumens per watt 120 120 120

Warranty is 7 years for the luminaire and ballast and 3 years for the lamp.

The 22W Eco-Saver unit has a rated life of 90,000hrs with a lamp life of 35,000hrs+.
The 14W, 28W and 35W Eco-Saver units have a rated life of 60,000hrs+ with a lamp life of 35,000hrs+.

 Almost all fluorescent lamps worldwide are driven by magnetic ballasts which increase the power consumption used in conjunction with the fluorescent tube.

 In the case of a 36W T8 tube this is increased to at least 46W and up to 48W.
  when the existing T8 tube is replaced with a 22W or 28w “ECO-SAVER “

The maximum life of a good quality T8 fluorescent tube is 10000 hrs. However the life of a good quality T5 is 35,000hrs+. The conversion unit has a total life in excess of 60,000 hours. 
The “ECO-SAVER“ is constructed of fire retardant polycarbonate.

Schools and office buildings are ideal recipients of the “ECO-SAVER unit based on very large fluorescent lamp numbers and hours of operation.


Each “22W ECO-SAVER“ operates at 22W which sees an energy saving of 25W compared to a magnetic ballasted T8 36W tube. If fluorescent lamps are on for 24 hours a day and 7 days per week this is a saving of 219 kWh per year. If the cost of electricity is $0.15 per kWh then the yearly saving is $32.85 per lamp.


In Victoria electricity generated through the burning of brown coal produces 1.3 kg of carbon emissions for every 1 kWh of electricity generated. For each T8 36W replaced this would equal a 285 kg yearly reduction in carbon emissions due to these energy savings. At 24 hours per day and 365 days per year over the life of the “ ECO-SAVER“ the carbon reduction is over 2000 kg and electricity savings in excess of $230 per unit at today’s electricity prices.


Energy saving is no different to energy production and when looking at the cost comparatives the installed cost per kW of a solar system is approximately $7000 per kW however by comparison the “ ECO-SAVER“ is less than $1000 per kW. Therefore the cost of solar is more than 7 times the cost of replacing existing T8 36W fluorescent tubes with the Ultralite patented “ECO-SAVER“ conversion unit.


A 1 kW solar system can produce approximately 4.5kWh (depending on location) of energy per 24 hours however 1 kW in “ ECO-SAVER“ conversions saves 24 kWh over that same 24hr period.


A building currently with 10000 T8 36W tubes operating 24 hours per day would save $328,500 per year in electricity costs ($0.15/kWh) and most importantly a reduction in carbon emissions in excess of 2,800,000 kg per year. To generate these savings through a solar installation the cost would exceed $8,000,000 compared to approximately $250,000 with the installation of the “ECO-SAVER“.


Therefore the “ECO-SAVER“ is an ideal accompaniment for installation with a solar system.



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